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MNBB Interleague Rules

All rules are IN ADDITION TO the rules contained in the 2021 Little League Baseball Rulebook.

  1. Ejection Policy: If an umpire ejects a player or coach, there will be a mandatory one game suspension (game following that game). Local board governing person will decide if infraction warrants further disciplinary action, in cooperation with other local board involved.
  2. Host Site board member(s) should be present at game site for crowd control.
  3. No inning will start after 1 hr 30 minutes.
  4. There will be a mandatory 10 run rule. Refer to Little League Rule Book.
  5. There will be a limit of 5 runs per inning; unlimited runs in 6th inning. 6th inning is the last inning.
  6. After entering the batter’s box, the batter must remain in the box with at least one foot throughout the bat. See Rule 6.02(c).
  7. A maximum of one manager and two coaches per game will be allowed. The manager or one coach must be in the dugout with the players at all times (offense and defense). One or two adult base coaches are permitted only if there is an adult manager or coach in the dugout.
  8. Suspended game will resume prior to next scheduled game between teams involved.
  9. All games cancelled should be played on next available date. Teams involved are responsible for rescheduling. Must notify both of the managers, Vice Presidents or Player Agents, and Umpires. In case of inclement weather, try to cancel game by noon (cancel by 8:00pm the day before or earlier for all other reasons).
  10. All protest must be filed in accordance with the Little League Rule Book. A protest committee will be comprised of the District 30 Administrator (or appointee), A District 30 Softball Umpire Consultant, and the President (or appointee) of each team involved. Protest letter should be sent to president of league marking protest within 24 hours.
  11. Before games, Managers should meet with scorekeepers to verify pitchers. Managers should sign the official score book after games.
  12. Little League approved baseballs will be used, supplied by home team.
  13. Teams scheduled to play must show up for the game unless rescheduled ahead of time. There will be no substitutions in scheduling. Failure to show, by either team, with sufficient players at the scheduled time will result in a reschedule of the game.
  14. **Remember** Notify Umpires of any change in game schedule.
  15. Host site is responsible for providing umpires and scorekeeper.
  16. A “Continuous batting order” will be used by each team (see rule 4.04).
  17. Teams may play with 8 players if 9 are not available and the 9th player will be skipped without penalty. If 9 players become available, the 9th player will enter the game at the bottom of the lineup.

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