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  • The format will be Double Elimination.
  • Tournament shirts are acceptable and each league will make the decision whether or not they want to provide shirts/caps. If they do not it is ok to wear regular season uniforms. However, the cap must be the same for every member of the team.
  • Double headers will not be allowed, per Little League Headquarters.
  • In the case of inclement weather the tournament may revert to a single elimination format.
  • Coaches must carry a roster for their team. This must be signed and verified by the president.
  • Coaches must carry medical releases for each player. They must be available for review bythe Tournament Director prior to the start of the game.
  • All participants must have competed in the Little League program during the regular season and be league age 7 or 8. Players league age 6 who have played in a minor division (coach pitch or player pitch) during the regular season and played tee ball the previous regular season may also be included on a TOC coach pitch team. You cannot add anyone to your roster after the tournament has started.
  • A player that plays up in another division during regular season cannot play back down for tournament of champions.
  • Minimum roster - nine (9) players. Maximum roster - thirteen (13) players. If at any time during a game your roster falls below nine (9) players for any reason, i.e. injury, illness, etc., you will be forced to forfeit the game.
  • A coin flip by the Tournament Director 30 minutes prior to the scheduled game time between opposing managers will be used to determine home team and visiting team. Each team must have a preliminary lineup that lists each player by first and last name, player’s number, and defensive position; the manager’s and coaches’ names; and the names of their volunteer umpires and game officials. If a team is not represented by a manager (or a coach in the absence of the manager) or does not have a completed lineup card, or does not have all of their volunteer umpires and game officials present at the flip meeting 30 minutes prior to the game, the team that is ready wins the flip by default.
  • The visiting team will take infield 15 minutes prior to game time. The home team will take infield 10 minutes prior to the game. Failure to begin infield on time will result in a shortened or loss of infield privileges Both managers will meet with the umpires 5 minutes prior to game time.
  • Entry fee for each team is one hundred ($100) dollars. Make entry fee checks payable to Texas Little League – District 30.
  • We will abide by the rules published in the Baseball rulebook, except for those items listed for this tournament.
  • The District Administrator, the Tournament Director, and the Tournament Committee (i.e., the presidents of the leagues participating in this tournament) will make the final decision regarding any forfeiture


  • Four coaches are allowed for Coach Pitch.
  • Three adult coaches are allowed on the field when a team is on offense [one (1) pitcher andtwo (2) base coaches]. One dugout coach is required at all times.
  • No defensive coaches are allowed on the field in tournament play.
  • Offensive base coaches must remain in the coaches’ box while the ball is in play.
  • Coaches may not touch or assist runners while the ball is in play.
  • The use of any tobacco products by mangers or coaches during pre-game preparation or during the game is prohibited. A violation of this rule will result in the ejection of the Manager or Coach from the current game.
  • Coaches may NOT allow any one player to dominate a defensive series of outs. (i.e. One player chasing down all runners.) Once a player has made two (2) unassisted outs by running to a base or running and tagging a player, with the exception of a ball down the base line, that player shall be removed from that position and placed in another position. (i.e. The player must throw the ball to another infielder to make the out.)


  • The home team will supply three (3) people. One will be the official scorekeeper, one will be responsible for umpiring the plate and third base, and one will be on the team crowd control committee. Try to use the same people for your games.
  • The visiting team will supply three (3) people. One will be the announcer, one will be responsible for umpiring first and second base, and one will be on the team crowd control committee. Try to use the same people for all of your games.
  • The crowd control committee must be present for the entire game. In case of protest, the tournament director will decide the outcome. Protests must be decided as soon as possibleand play will continue immediately.
  • The umpires are in control of the game. They must clearly indicate the point at which play is to be stopped. If different decisions are made on a judgment play by the umpires, the umpires will meet to decide who was responsible for the call. The umpire responsible for the call may then confer with the other umpire and then decide what the correct ruling should be. Judgment calls cannot be protested.
  • Decisions regarding ejections of coaches shall be made by the tournament director after consulting with the umpires. The tournament director shall also make the decision whether the coach will be asked to leave the premises immediately or if he/she will be allowed to remain and watch the game in the stands. If the coach is allowed to remain on the premises and becomes a disturbance, he/she will only receive one warning before being asked to leave the premises.
  • Players who are ejected will be allowed to remain on the premises with their parents in the stands.


  • Shall consist of six (6) full innings (no time limit).
  • There will be a five (5) run limit for the first five- (5) innings. There will not be a run limit in the sixth inning or beyond in case of a tie. However, the inning will be completed once a team bats through their roster or they get three (3) outs.
  • The ten run rule will NOT apply.
  • After the completion of the 5th inning if there is no mathematical way to win or tie the game is ended.
  • Tied ball games will be played until a winner is determined.


  • The offensive team’s pitching coach will start with one (1) foot in contact with the pitching rubber (46 feet). The player pitcher must remain inside the pitching circle (10 foot diameter) and even with or behind the pitcher until the ball is hit.
  • The coach pitcher will not use more than five (5) warm up pitches.
  • The batter will be pitched a maximum of five (5) pitches. (with noted exception listed in these rules)
  • In the event the pitching coach is hit with a batted ball, the ball will be considered a foul ball.
  • In the event the pitching coach is hit by a thrown ball, the ball will remain in play.
  • The pitching coach must kneel down or make an attempt to leave the field after the ball is put into play and not intentionally interfere with the batted ball or a throw from a player.
  • If a pitched ball hits a batter, it will not be considered as one (1) of the five- (5) pitchesallowed and the batter will not advance to first.


  • Strikeouts are permitted in coach pitch. Once the batter gets 3 strikes they will be called out regardless of how many pitches are left.
  • A batter shall be allowed five(5) pitches.If on the fifth pitch,the ball is not struck,the batter is out.
  • If the fifth pitch is a foul ball,the batter is entitled to subsequent pitches until a pitch is missed, put into play, or not swung at.
  • No bunting is allowed.


  • You will bat the roster. All players must bat.
  • Players who arrive at a game after the game begins may be added to the end of the current lineup.
  • A player may return to a game in the player’s original lineup position after being skipped for injury or illness.


  • The defensive team will field nine (9) players.
  • The three (3) outfielders must start in the outfield grass.
  • Each player present for the game must be given a position on the field for at least six (6) defensive outs. (The exception would be for injury or illness). The defensive outs do not have to be in consecutive innings. Free substitutions are allowed.
  • All changes must be reported to the scorekeeper until each player has been in the field for six (6) defensive outs. Failure to adhere to this rule could result in forfeiture of the game.


  • The infield fly rule is not in effect for this tournament.


  • When an infielder gets possession of the ball while on the infield and not making a play the umpires will call dead ball (or time). Runners not in contact with a base will immediately advance or return to the last base touched. If they stand still or stop advancing they will be returned to the last base touched.


  • Only one overthrow is allowed per batted ball. Runners advance at their own risk. However, they may advance only as far as the base they were approaching plus one additional base. The umpire will have final say on this rule.
  • Overthrows can only occur on a ball thrown by an infielder. Balls returned from the outfield will not be considered an overthrow.


  • No stealing is allowed.
  • If a runner misses a base they will not be called out for missing the base, but after all play has ceased, the runner will be returned to the missed base. All other runners will return to the base they left unless they are forced by the runner being returned to a missed base or the batter-runner occupying first base. Note: the ball is alive and in play until the umpire determines that play has ceased and calls for time. If one or more outs are made while the ball is in play, the out(s) will stand.


  • All bats and equipment must be Little League approved as specified in the Little League Baseball rulebook. Teeball bats can be used providing they fall within the guideline mentioned above. Composite bats can be used providing they are listed within the Little League Approved Bat List.


  • All coaches, players, and fans must exhibit Good Sportsmanship at all times to provide a positive experience for our young players.
  • Please remind everyone that all of the people associated with this event are volunteers and they are attempting to do their best to ensure that this tournament runs smoothly.
  • Anyone who continues to exhibit unsportsmanlike behavior will be ask to leave the premises.
  • If a player throws the bat after hitting the ball, this is not an out. If the bat goes into the catcher or the umpire, the player will be given a warning. The second time this happens, the player will be awarded the hit, but then ejected. If a player is ejected for throwing the bat, that player will be eligible to play the following day or next game.


  • TOC rules will apply in regular season with the exception of the following:
  • There will be a one-hour and fifteen-minute time limit (finish the inning), no more than one-hour and a half (drop dead)
  • A defensive coach may be allowed on the field between 2nd and 3rd base in the grass for instructional purposes
  • House rules allow you to have 10 defensive players on the field at once. However, during interleague play only 9 players are allowed.
  • Teams may play with 8 players if 9 are not available and the 9th player will be skipped without penalty. If 9 players become available the 9th player will enter the game at the bottom of the lineup.

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